Christina Carter

 Lovely Christina Carter's tongue-tied, nipple-pulling, weekly visit to the Dungeon Dentist leaves her wet, orgasmic and satiated....until next week.  Later Christina's dreams about Wet Dreams, the Waterbondage fucking machine, come true....twice!Last, but definitely not least, she is literally dragged, chair and all into the big tank and dunked repeatedly.  All in all, another wonderful day with the gorgeous, sexy and highly orgasmic, Christina Carter.

Water Bondage

Sasha the new Pony

 New sluts are like new horses. Sasha has just arrived. She needs to be kept clean, well worked out, and taught to obey commands unfailingly. She does not look like much but once she is stripped, scrubbed and put into her barding she will perform nicely. If she does not, then PD and Claire Adams have a collection of riding crops that are perfect for punishing disobedient little animals.

Infernal Restraints


 Johnny Rocket is treated like a human ashtray by Mz. Berlin. She thoroughly enjoys seeing him writhe in pain as the clothespins are applied all over his chest and dick. The wormboy stares at her huge tits before being placed in some really tight and mean bondage with his balls tied to the floor and nipples pulled down by weights. his ass is flogged and the intensity makes his legs shake uncontrollably. he\'s tied down on his back and his legs are spread so that Mz. Berlin can take him like a bitch with her huge strapon cock. When she\'s done she leaves him to in search of another male sex slave.

Captive Male

The Audition

 Nicki Hunter, an up and coming director, is working on her next big movie.  While casting for the lead role, she seduces Danny Wylde who is auditioning for the part.  When Danny learns that he didn't get chosen he storms onto her set threatening with blackmail.  The dynamics of power shift and Nicki finds herself in the hands of a disgruntled actor who sexually dominates her with bondage and rough anal sex.

Sex and Submission

Moxxie Gets Nailed Down

 Moxxie makes a pretty hot little whore. She talks a lot of shit about the other girls but a little time with PD teaches her humility. He pins her tongue to a post with a nail and blows fire all over her body. That kind of treatment brings out her true colors. She is so hot for cock that she starts begging whenever PD is not inside of her. He puts her in her place pretty damn quick.

Infernal Restraints

Dixon is Going Down

 We are not sure why these young sluts keep volunteering for our live feeds but we enjoy it. Dixon Mason has decided to take the plunge next. Expect her to start begging for more from the moment we lay hands on her. She promises that she will not disappoint our members and we promise to show you just how hard she tries. Everyone is free to join in and give suggestions on how to punish this brat.

HardTied Tube

The Medical Study

College co-ed Britney Stevens is looking to make a little extra money. She comes across a medical study in the paper that sounds too good to be true. Why? Because it is! She finds herself strapped down to an exam table where five horny doctors begin to violate her. Despite her efforts to avoid it she ends up cumming over and over and servicing the doctors for some extra cash flow!

Bound Gangbangs

Olivia Works for Orgasms

 Olivia Rose, we do want to watch you cum, but we want you to work for it. An orgasm is only worth the hell you go through to have it.  The steady beat of a cane and the sharp sting of a whip are the perfect precursors to an explosive release. When she has to count down to her release she is so lost in her experiences she can hardly remember which numbers come next. It is all about feeling release.


Sybil Hawthorne Gets Blistered

 PD is going to give Sybil and her tits a treatment that she will never forget. The suction cups he uses so strong they leave blisters behind.  Every time PD pops her with the whip she lets out a wail that reverberates in the empty space. He loves the sounds that she makes and the acoustics really let him soak it all in. The echo lets her know just how alone she really is. There is no help coming.

HardTied Tube

Mei Fears Our Members

 Mei Mara has seen our whole crew before but she has never dealt with our membership. She freely admits that they scare the crap out of her. Even though she knows she is dealing with some of the most perverse minds out there her list of hard limits and caveats boils down to a desire to survive this encounter. With such a wide range of options the members were all ready with their sadistic demands.

HardTied Tube

Emily Plays Head Games

 Emily Marilyn wants to do a good job for being a slut for her man but she does not know how. He is going to have to take what he wants. She talks about some of the more perverse acts of public degradation she has participated in. They are the kinds of experiences that fuel her fantasies. No matter how many times she experiences tight bondage or public humiliation she always comes back for more

HardTied Tube

Bullies Get Fucked and Punished!

 Amanda Tate gets in trouble for bullying a classmate and is punished by a strict priest.  She is tied to a cross, her clothes ripped off, flogged and made to come!  Bound in multiple positions, she submits to face fucking and relentless bondage sex!

Sex and Submission


 Bill really can\'t afford the beauty or skill of Nika Noire and when he pulls out a lousy $3 and his limp dick for her time, Nika\'s bitch switch goes into overtime. Tight rope bondage and a big ball gag start bill\'s night in the hooker hotel. he is flogged and his balls are covered in clothespins. Nika sits on bill\'s face, smothering him and ordering him to worship her ass. She cums all over his face before punishing his purple balls and using his cock for her pleasure. Nika ties bill in doggy position, calling him a little bitch and has him perform fellatio on her strapon cock. Once wet enough she rams his tight asshole, spanking him hard and making him scream. He is left, sodomized, humiliated and with three lousy dollars stuffed in his mouth.

Captive Male


 Berlin is desperate to be a good slave for Master Derrick Pierce in his creepy boiler room. She arrives promptly dressed in heels and lingerie hoping to please him. She is swiftly ball gagged and her huge tits are slapped, flogged, whipped and clamped. As a reward, Derrick allows Berlin to cum before having her mouth service his hard cock. Weights are added to her nipple clamps, making them swing painfully as she sucks and as she is fucked from behind. In a suspension, the bondage sex takes over. Berlin gets confused, not sure if she is coming or going as her body betrays her over and over again. On her knees with her breasts bound, Berlin is blindfolded and obediently shows she has now learned to suck cock. She begs for her Masters cum and her wish is granted, leaving both a satisfied Dominant and submissive.

Fucked And Bound

The Sitter gets Stuffed Air-Tight

 Moretta plays an adorable sitter who goes snooping through the boss's drawers while he's out for the night. To her delight she finds an array of kinky sex toys for her and her boyfriend to play with. But when her boss comes home unexpectedly early and finds her tied to his bed he and his friends decide to have their way with her! Fun role-play and hot gang bang action!

Bound Gangbangs


 Maria Bellucci has come all the way from Hungary to try out kinky bondage sex at the hands of a skilled Dominant. Kurt wastes no time in tying her hands up above her head and whipping her pretty tits and ass. Maria moans through the ball gag and begs for sex, but she is denied. Instead, bound on her knees she is permitted to perform oral sex. After learning to deep throat, Maria is placed in doggy for some rough anal sex, and in a crab tie she is given the biggest orgasm of the day when her pussy is fucked hard.

Fucked And Bound


 Adrianna goes to a casting call to get a part in a movie. When the casting agent starts touching her she realizes it\'s blow-job or no-job. Resisting his advances gets her bent over the desk, hogtied and sucking cock like an obedient wannabe actress should. Adrianna\'s ass is fucked with cock and then filled with a buttplug. Her tits are clamped and she begs to cum as she is roughly bound and fucked.

Fucked And Bound

Piper Faces Her Fears

 It took Piper 5 minutes to break down and start bawling and that was just from the idea of what we would do to her. Now it is happening. It is a good thing that she has led a clean life. When lunch is over the members have a few questions they would like answered. Everyone knows what happens when they don't like the answers. The shocks that come with that displeasure are load and clear.

HardTied Tube

Sex and Cruelty

 Mistress Gia Dimarco is pure sex and evil in this intense dungeon scene! Long time Divine Bitch slave, Jason Miller comes back to test his limits again after long hiatus. Mistress Dimarco goes from 0 to 60 within seconds of this kinky scene. Tough suspension bondage, water torture, caning, chastity, ass worship, tease and denial, strap-on ass fucking in suspension bondage and more!

Divine Bitches

She Hates Us Until She Has One Million Orgasms

Presley Hart is very serious about the sex she gets herself into and she does NOT go easily.  <br /><br /> She would not agree to try the machines unless she could control it. This is fine with us, especially since after the first few pumps she cranks it and lets go of her nerves enough to have 3 rapid, sexy orgasms in a row. It was like a different girl had appeared on set and she would not leave the Mojo alone. She just keeps shoving it in her pussy for one more round. By the time we get to machine 2, she let's unless control it and the last machine, The Fucksall, has her turned ass over tea kettle in a vulnerable pile driver position with the dick buried in her pussy. <br /> We had a great time with Presley and hope she returns to

Fucking Machines

Elise Graves Is Back

 Very few models can stand up to the intense punishment we impart in our live feeds so we decided to bring back an old favorite: Elise Graves. She has been talking about how much she loved the last one and we figure that with all of the great suggestions our members have we can top that performance easily. Every member will have their ideas heard and we are going to use the best to make her suffer

Real Time Bondage

Bag Up Katharine Cane

 When we stuck Katharine Cane in a bag she told us it was hot, sweaty, tight and overall unpleasant. And we just had to make it worse for her. We brainstormed with our members for a bit and came up with some great solutions. Breath play, painful shocks and a slew of mental torments were all on the table. The only real difficult decision was picking with thing we wanted to do to her first.

Real Time Bondage

Bitch-boy Hunting

 Mistress Harmony Rose has been tasked with screening potential bitch boys for a special project.  She examines  Dean Strong but gets a litte sidetracked during the evaluation...

Men In Pain

Part 3: The Tank

 Completely naked with her hands and feet bound, Lea Lexis has never been as vulnerable as she is in the water tank, serving completely at the pleasure of Chanel Preston!Chanel makes sure Lea knows she's in charge by dunking her underwater. Her baptism into the perverted order of water bondage is complete, she worships Chanel's pussy and laps up her asshole above and below water. Chanel doesn't know if she likes Lea choking on her pussy or choking on water, so she dutifully services her demanding bitch's orders until Chanel makes up her mind. Lea services Chanel well, and she's treated to deep kisses in the water's calm embrace.

Water Bondage

Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer

 Audrey Hollander is known for her energy and raw sex appeal. This girl next door likes to get rough and dirty with her sex and even has the AVN award to prove it (female performer of the year 2006) but she has never been tied up like this before...or had sex like this. Stripped, flogged and gagged with a huge butt plug in her ass Otto pushes harder and harder. Deep throating while in a tight strapado, loads of anal fucking and even a double penetration and double anal while in partial pile driver makes this a xxx video not to be missed. Seriously rough bondage sex would be an understatement.

Fucked And Bound

The Final Chapter

 Mistress Claire has been grinding down euro's will for a long time now, and this update is the final in a series of domination videos  featuring the struggle.  Euro hates electricity and the sadistic Miss Adams knows it.  Painful bondage is followed by a crazy electro catheter scene that leaves euro screaming bloody murder as his prick is penetrated and electrocuted.  His only reward is a brutal ass fucking from the sexy domme.

Men In Pain

Hazel Hypnotic Gets Grilled

 Our members have a few questions for Hazel Hypnotic so they can get to know her before the live feed. Some seem innocuous and others are more probing but they are all designed to peel away her defenses, layer by layer, until her psyche is exposed. When we understand her fears and her desires we will know exactly how to torment her. And when she is laid bare, then the real fun begins.

HardTied Tube

Tatum\'s Cum Drenched Car Wash

 Washing cars, Tatum Pierce was getting soaking wet in more ways than one. As a sex slave, Tatum doesn\'t listen very well so when that happens she gets punished even more and dragged from her leash on to the floor to suck some cock and drain every drop of filthy jizz in to her mouth! Her mistress makes her suck balls and get fucked harder with toys and big cocks! From washing cars to swapping cum, this blonde horny cum whore begs for a bucket full of cum poured all over her bondaged body!

Cum Disgrace

Her Highness Queen Of Diamonds: Skin Diamond

 Please welcome The Queen Of Diamonds, Skin Diamond to Divine Bitches! Her Highness is devilishly sexy as she dominates Sebastian into submission. He's made into her little piggy, whipped into shape,  zippered, made to suck her black strap-on cock, fucked in the ass, dildo gag and made into a human dildo. Her Highness allows him to release his filthy spunk but much to her amusement he has to eat up every last disgusting drop.

Divine Bitches

Mistreated: Sara Jay

Sara Jay is used to being in control and getting her way as a bar owner.  She takes things too far with one of her employees and finds herself being used up and sexually punished!  The tables have turned on this busty MILF and now Sara is humiliated and suffers in hard bondage.

Sex and Submission

Dominatrix in Red

 Yes Miss Madison

Men In Pain

Nyssa Joins the Party

 Nyssa Nevers has seen enough of our work know that she wants us to take over her life for a day. She is going to be completely at our mercy. That means that the members are going to put their perverted minds together and come up with the sickest torments imaginable. It means that before we are done with her she will feel used up, bruised up and ready to snap. And then we will turn up the intensity

HardTied Tube

Teen fucked on tennis table!

 Hot young slut Maya sucks at table tennis and she ends up paying for her poor performance! This barely legal horny bitch is taped up, tied down, gagged and ruthlessly fucked until she cums for us! Her hot teen pussy is DRIPPING wet and gets a good pounding, but dont worry, we remove the gag long enough to give her a good throatfucking too! At least we found out what she IS good at - taking cock!

Disgraced 18

Mei Mara Goes Live

 Very few of the girls we bring to are as intense as Mei Mara. She is a masochist looking to experience it all first hand. All of our members have the chance to contribute their most sadistic ideas to the show. The action is always hot and the girls are always ready for more. The pain and the pleasure they feel are all doled out by our crew at the whim of our membership.

HardTied Tube


 A new dungeon client tells Mistress Harmony that all he wants is pain in his session. Mistress Harmony is not the kind of Domme you make demands of, regardless of what you are paying. She\'s going to show daac how good bondage and sex can feel. In tight cock-and-ball abuse, daac is flogged hard and his ass is taken deep by Harmony\'s strapon. Harmony satisfies her desires by face-sitting her bitch, riding his cock, and cumming all over him.

Captive Male

Soaking Wet Tia Suffering

 Tia does not want PD to be unhappy.  He can be cruel even in the best moods, but if she displeases him it will get so much worse. Things like multiple orgasms are intense enough to suffer through, but when Tia is commanded to do it in silence she does not stand a chance. Normally PD would just gag her with his cock, but today he is feeling especially cruel. Next time she not fail him.

HardTied Tube

Athletic MILF Pussy Workout!

 Becky is a smoking hot sexy MILF with an athletic body. She loves fat cocks in her MILF pussy. After jumping around in her workout mode, she gets horny for some man meat to stuff her every hole....

MILF Humiliation

Perfect Ten Cock Sucker

 What ten thought was going to be her average interview very quickly turned into a whole lot more. she mistakes PD for the average janitor and by the time she realizes who she&apos;s been left alone with it is too late to escape. He has got some excellent ideas on how ten can spend the rest of the afternoon. The first part involves being gagged and thrown to the floor to have her pussy fucked with a broom stick, flogged and vibrated. she has got such a pretty pussy, how could he not? Her hands are bound behind her back so long that her arms need to stretch. PD can tell and he is not above caring, even for a slut like this. He does her the favor of crucifying her to limber her up. The ass hook he ties to her hair keeps her bent into the perfect position for caning her ass. When she is pushed down to her knees it keeps her head up so she can suck PD cock. her only breaks from pleasuring him come while he whips and canes her body more. There is something that ten hates, more than the cane and the whip. Apparently the more feared torment is the tickle of PD finger tips. It is enough to make her beg and plead to have her feet and ass caned mercilessly. The aversion is so strong she would rather have her cunt flogged. And when PD is bored with her pain he lets her suffer through pleasure. The vibration that he puts to her clit makes her instantly beg for the privilege of releasing her orgasm.

HardTied Tube

The Assassin's Dilemma

 Sex and Submission presents a bondage and rough sex feature starring Penny Pax and Mickey Mod!  A professional hit man is assigned to eliminate a dangerous drug lord.  Penny finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and now he must decide her fate.  A sadistic love affair ensues as he trains Penny to be his assistant.  Includes strict bondage, deep throat and anal sex!

Sex and Submission


 Prof. Bill is acting strange in class, at one point he starts groping one of his students and he even drops his pants. At this point Amber Rayne and Lexi Belle take charge, they force him against his desk, strip him down, and start spanking and humiliating him. They tie him tightly and hang heavy weights from his testicles. Amber pleasures herself by smothering bill with her snatch. Lexi Belle does the same, and they both ride his dick. But if bill thinks this is going to be all pleasure, he can think again. Once the ladies have satisfied themselves sexually, they bend their bitch over, Amber Rayne dons her strapon cock and goes to work on his ass, fucking him deep and viciously while Lexi Belle forces bill to lick her wet pussy.

Captive Male